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Hello everyone. I am Mark from Best for Blinds, named because we aim to be exactly that the best blinds company in the local area.Best for Blinds was formed in 2007 when I came out of the Health service and was established with the aims of giving the best level of service at the best prices without compromising the quality of the products

We service quite a large area from Blackpool, Preston and Garstang up to Kendal and Grange. We travel to our clients so they can see the materials in their own setting also we can take exact measurements and for most products give them a quotation on the spot.

We’ve fitted blinds in all the areas mentioned there + many more – I’ve put up several thousand blinds in the last few years which is another reason you can have confidence in us.

I am not a salesperson – nor could I ever be. I can help and guide people to certain products based on their requirements and advise them as to what works well. I won’t ever push a client into making a decision it’s their home or workplace after all!

We aim to visit the client at a time which best suits them and so are generally available from 9 til 9 Monday to Saturday, but one job did see me installing blinds at 5 in the morning to ensure we didn’t disrupt the  clients business!!