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Whether you are moving home and want to dispose of your old furniture or are looking for probate valuation and clearance, we can help.

Be it a full house clearance, distribution of an estate, or simply downsizing, we can organise the discreet and efficient removal of furniture and personal effects. We also arrange for items to be delivered to local auctions.

Clearing the house after bereavement can be extremely traumatic as well as time consuming, costly and very physical. One of the major issues is parting with cherished items or deciding how to dispose of personal belongings and this has proved to be a difficult experience for many people.

Many elderly people decide to downsize by moving to sheltered accommodation, a smaller home, rest or care home. We can advise and assist in all aspects, including the actual move.

Chris Roberts and Gavin Allonby of C and G Recycling have many years experience of dealing with house clearances and their sympathetic, flexible and reassuring manner helps with difficult situations.

Most importantly, feel safe in the knowledge that C and G Recycling have built their business reputation by working with clients such as solicitors, estate agents, funeral services and larger organisations such as Lancaster City Council, NHS and Lancashire County Council.

They work closely with local auctioneers who have many years experience and knowledge, which helps to get the best resale prices for furniture, paintings and personal items.

It can be so difficult to know what to do with everything.

  • What is of value?
  • What could be recycled?
  • What needs secure destruction?
  • What are the disposal regulations?

C and G Recycling can help you with all these problems so contact us for a free apraisal