3 Kensington Road
lA4 5LU


Tel:01524 411 187

9am to 12:30 pm
2pm to 5:30 pm
Monday to Friday

The premier dental practice in Morecambe

I offer a range of services and procedures for my patients, depending on what is needed.

These include general dentistry, cosmetic procedures and tooth whitening. Any dental check up you need, I can help you and you can rest easy in the knowledge that I have over ten years of experience in my field.

My staff and I pride ourselves on the providing the best care for all of our patients.
The dental services I offer include:

General dentistry
Specialist dentistry
Dermal fillers & cosmetic dentistry
Facial line softening treatment
Tooth whitening

Some of the most specific procedures I offer include:

Scale and polish
Root canal therapy
Crown and bridge work
Porcelain veneers
Porcelain inlays
White fillings