Kadd Construction & Maintenance



Tel: 01524 853433

Kadd Construction and Maintenance has been building in and around the Lancaster and Morecambe area for the last twelve years.

Kadd’s continuing success is due to the combined expertise of skilled builders Adrian D’Alton (DHI Joinery) and Kevin Dingle (KD Builders), having between them around fifty years of building experience. Their diverse backgrounds and wide range of skills complement one another. At the same time they are committed to achieving consistently high standards of work, both structurally and cosmetically. They are able to take on a wide range of building projects, for example :-

Basement conversion
Basement tanking (waterproofing)
Barn & loft conversion
Kitchen fitting
Timber treatment
Windows (wood or PVC frames)
Hand-built fitted wardrobes / furnishings

Phone or e-mail for a free quote on any maintenance work or building project, whether a small home improvement or a house extension.