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What is Pram Power?

My fitness training started over 22 years ago in preparation to join the RAF and I have loved it ever since!

Whilst my fitness and weight has peaked and troughed over the years, it has always been a huge part of my life.

6 years ago I fell pregnant and continued to do what I felt comfortable doing, without any real idea of what was right or wrong, I just let my body ‘lead the way’. Training (in the loosest sense!) right up until a few days before the birth, I was convinced (and have since ‘studied’ the facts) that this was of huge benefit in all stages of pre and post maternity. I was back running again after 4 weeks and without any ‘celebrity’ fads, had lost all my baby weight, albeit I was a different shape for a while!.

I was then lucky enough to accompany my husband on a 3 year overseas tour to California, USA. During this time, I had another baby and bought myself an all singing, all dancing double jogging stroller (the Humvee of prams!). I began training regularly with the pram (partly out of necessity), attending a few stroller sessions and marveled at all the ‘pram’ action on the seafront.

Desperate to introduce this to the UK, I have watched as others have taken the lead! Having now left the RAF, I can finally pursue this dream and am very excited to introduce PramPower to Lancaster and Morecambe.