Preston Lancaster Intensive Driving

Field Cottage
Church Road


Preston Tel: 01772 715739
Lancaster Tel:01539 561692

The most Cost Effective Way to Learn to Drive.

Intensive driving courses have proven to be the most cost effective way to learn to drive, often costing half that spent on weekly driving lessons.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) recommends that candidates with at least 40 hours of driving training have the best chance of passing a driving test at the first attempt.

This would typically cost over £800 with weekly driving lessons including the cost of ‘picking up from where you left off’ time.
Without this down time and the faster progress from your intensive driving lessons you will usually achieve your objective at a much lower cost.

The cost of your time in learning may have been at the expense of precious annual leave!

Preston Lancaster Intensive Driving lessons are no exception providing you with very cost effective driver training.