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Welcome to ‘The Yogic Prescription’. The Yogic Prescription is brought to you to invite you to take control of your health. The Yogic Prescription is not designed to replace or compete with conventional medicine; it is brought to you to introduce you to a deeper way of healing – a lasting state of health and well-being. For future update on classes, workshops and prescriptions,

There is yoga class and workshop information, posture explanations, massage techniques, pranayama techniues and how to’s, medittions for health and wellbeing, what happens on a cleanse and how to cleanse – along side cleansing plan downloads. There is a yoga shop with various DVD’s, CD’s and downloads, and many Yogic Prescription’s for a variety of ‘symptoms’.

On the Yoga Prescription page, you will find a wealth of information and ‘prescriptions’ for a variety of ailments (such as low back pain) and conditions (such as pregnancy). You simply select the ailment/symptom that is in need of treating/healing and you will be taken to the yogic prescription page for this. By choosing a video download, hardcopy DVD, CD, and/or information sheet, that is your initial prescription.

These prescriptions are designed to introduce you to a new way of looking at your ‘illness’ or ‘symptom’ and can be used along side, and in conjunction with your GP’s advice. Once you are familiar with the yogic prescription, you may wish to have a consultation with myself and so progress with your healing further. The excellent yogic prescription’s on this site are very useful in starting your deep healing and getting you started in looking at the underlying cause(s) for your issues, however, ‘symptoms’ are very personal and individual.

Everyone has a different past and background, different lifestyle and viewpoints, and different experiences. All of which influence the ‘symptom’ in which you wish to heal. An individualised consultation (this can be via phone/skype, e-mail or in person/webcam) enables you to discuss and consult with Sarah, a professional yoga therapist and teacher, about any further yogic prescription’s. These will be tailored towards your needs and your individual healing journey.